I like to make vintage-inspired and simple dresses, but I often get inspiration from nature. It’s not about using the shapes and patterns of the natural world, but recreating the feelings I have from nature itself. The breeze, the lightness and comfort… Nature always makes me feel like I am a part of it. That’s why I like to use natural fabrics like silk, cotton and linen, because of their comfort. But I love laces, too!

I do like floral shapes, though. I cannot get bored when I see flower petals. I don’t make flower-shaped dresses, but maybe some day… 🙂


I don’t remember where I bought this peony. It stopped opening half-way. I thought it would fully open, but somehow, it has decided to stop… Has it given up, or is it just lazy?!?! I like this imperfect half-open flower. I can’t stop looking at it.